Theory & Practice


Theory Test


I aim to prepare you for the theory test which every learner needs to pass before they can take the practical test. You'll also receive valuable tips and information.


The theory test is divided into two parts:


  1. A multiple-choice test comprising 50 multiple-choice questions covering aspects of the Highway Code. The pass mark is 43.
  2. A hazard perception test consisting of a series of video clips of actual road hazards that need to be identified. The pass mark is 44.

Unlike many instructors i will prepare you for the theory test by asking you questions in car about the multiple choice test. I will go through with you from a DSA theory book a selection of questions which you may be asked on the day to check your knowledge. I will also make sure you understand the hazard perception test ,answer any questions you may have and practice with you identifying hazards during a lesson with you.


Practical Test




The practical driving test changed on Dec 4 th 2017, please see my heading 'Changes to driving test.



The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends that most learners take at least 45 hours of professional tuition lessons and at least 20 hours with friends and family. Many of my pupils pass first time after having taken between 30 and 40 hours.

Your driving test will start with an eyesight check and a vehicle safety questions (tell me question).The driving examiner will ask you if you want your instructor to accompany you on the test. The instructor sits behind you and remains perfectly still and quiet. The instructor is only there to observe and listen to the result and feedback at the end of the test . The instructor can not change the result of the test even if he disagrees with it.


The driving examiner will say to you at the beginning of the test that you have to follow the road ahead unless road markings or signs say otherwise.You will also be required to drive independantly for about 20 minutes either following a sat nav or by following road signs to a particular destination.


The driving test will last about 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving, including when you are carrying out the set exercises.You are only asked to carry out one manoeuvre which could be either A) Reverse parallel parking, B) Bay parking (going forwards into a bay on the left or right and reversing out to the right or left ) or reverse parking into a bay to the left or right   C) Parking up on the right ( the wrong side of the road)  when safe ,reversing two car lengths and then moving off again when safe. You may also be asked to carry out an Emergency Stop. 


You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test (16 or more results in failure). However, if you commit one serious or dangerous fault you will fail the test.