Tim is a very competent instructor and helped me to feel that i made progress every session. I initially had 5 hours over about 3 weeks. I then did a intensive course which included 28 hours across 8 days. I had a test at the end of the 33rd hour and passed 1st time. Tim is easy to get along with, flexible, determined and endeavours to make you a safe and confident driver. I would recommend to all learner drivers.
Mr G. Bolt


I would recommend Tim as a driving instructor as he is very freindly and i passed second time around with only 1 minor.The examiner said that i was one of the best drivers he had examined, This is all down to Tim, he's brilliant and much better than my previous instructor. Tim is organised, encouraging and very reliable. The mock tests that Tim Does are very helpful and prepare you for what to expect on your test day.Tim is easy to get on with and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.
Holly A.

Tim is a patient and easy-going instructor but will push you to achieve your best. He was my second instructor and I knew I made the right choice to go with Tim because I passed my test 1st time with ZERO MINORS!! I couldn't have done that without his encouragement and brilliant tuition. He has made me into a calm and confident driver. Thank you, Tim!
Miss E. Browne

I passed first time with him. He is very reliable and has an excellent pass rate     .
Charlotte M

Tims the best driving instructor that you could have In which he makes the lessons enjoyable and you can have a laugh with him. I passed first time with only 3 minors in September and he is friendly and patient and doesn't make you rush. I would recommend anyone to use tim as he has a excellent pass rate And is the best you will get.
Karly C

Tim was a fantastic instructor and the best I've had - I fully recommend Tim to everyone wanting to learn to drive or to try a different instructor. Patient, friendly and encouraging, I enjoyed my lessons and passed second time around. I've already recommended several friends who have also done well and think he's fab, too. Tim's the best there is - get booking those lessons! :-
Claire : I would highly recommend Tim as a driving instructor. He helped me to pass my test 1st time, after picking me up from a less helpful instructor. Tim was patient and understanding every single lesson, working together to correct mistakes. He Is consistant with his lessons even though he has a busy schedule, he always manages to fit everyone in. He is very passionate about what he is doing and is friendly and very chatty on the roads. Best Local Instructor!! - Charlii

Tim was the best driving instructor I could have had! I learn't to drive in 3 months and passed first time with 2 minors :) You couldn't have anyone better trust me x
Victoria W

Cannot thank Tim enough! I had failed my test 3 times before I started having lessons with him so thought maybe a change of instructor was needed! (Old instructor was terrible in so many ways, might I add). Tim gave me confidence to be able to drive well, he is a very well organised instructor, who is always on time to his lessons and I can happily say he taught me a fair amount about driving in the short time I had my lessons with him, even managed to get me to parallel park which I thought I'd never get the hang of! He makes you feel relaxed and at ease when driving which I'm sure most people would want when learning to drive! Overall an excellent instructor and is a great laugh too! Definitely 10/10! Thanks Tim!

Tim is very understanding of your circumstances and is always happy to tailor his approach to your needs. I believe that you will be satisfied with his services. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a competent, calm, caring and practical instructor. I passed my test in March (2013) and was congratulated about my driving. I personally believe that he is the best and most dedicated instructor you can get. 

 Mr Loic. S