Changes to Driving Test

The independent driving part of the test will last for approximately 20 minutes. The majority of candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav which the examiner will provide, program and install in the vehicle.

Those pupils that are not required to follow a sat nav will instead be asked to follow traffic signs to a certain destination for about 20 minutes. 4 out of 5 pupils will be asked to follow a sat nav. It is not a problem if the pupil gets lost providing they do not commit a serious or dangerous fault.

The Manoeuvres

Bay parking

The pupil is now only required to carry out one manoeuvre instead of two. Reversing into a bay is to be kept the same. The new driving test now requires Pupils  to drive forward into a bay and reverse out of it either to the left or to the right.The reverse bay park will be conducted in the test centre and the forward bay park will be conducted in a car park on the test route.

The parallel park behind a parked car is to be kept

Pupils do not have to perform the required manoeuvre perfectly on the first attempt. All pupils have a chance to correct manoeuvres.

Parking on the right

when safe the examiner will ask the pupil to park up on the right side ( wrong side) of the road, often having to cross traffic, reversing two car lengths and then when safe rejoining traffic on the left hand side of the road. Although this is not common practice in everyday driving there are situations when motorists do need to perform this event and a whole range of important driving skills are tested during this procedure.

Another change to the test will be answering a “show me “question whilst on the move instead of in the test centre. E.g. ” when it’s safe please show me how you would operate your rear windscreen”  Or ” when it’s safe please show me how you would demist your front windscreen”

Pupils will still be asked a “tell me” question at the test centre

A full section explaining the changes to the test with all the show me and tell me questions can be found on

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